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Dollar For may be able to help you apply for hospital bill forgiveness. Please select your hospital.

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Doctors and others who work at hospitals sometimes bill patients separately.

Unfortunately, most financial assistance policies only apply to the hospital bills. Most other providers will not automatically forgive your bills.

Start by getting financial assistance approval from the hospital. Then, show the approval letter to your other providers and ask them to honor the decision.

Check If You Qualify for financial assistance

Please share your contact information and details about the hospital where you were treated.

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Unfortunately, Dollar For can only help with hospital bills.

We cannot help with dental, ambulance, doctor co-pays, pharmaceutical, or any other medical bills.

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We are so happy to work with you to crush medical bills. Look for an email with guidance on how to get started.

Learn how you can educate your community about hospital bill forgiveness programs here.

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Dollar For does not currently partner with employers, health insurers, brokers, benefits coordinators, health share ministries, or other coverage-focused companies.

However, we will always help any patient struggling with hospital bills. Refer patients to us anytime at dollarfor.org/help.

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